Lube Services

Valvoline Express Care



Bolt Car Wash is proud to be selected as an exclusive Valvoline Express Care Center. We offer high quality motor oils, filters and automotive service chemicals to ensure you receive quality products you can trust. 

It is important that you change your oil every 3,000 miles. Oil provides three key functions in modern internal combustion engines. First, it helps keep every component in the engine running smoothly. Secondly, it helps regulate temperatures in the engine, a place where thousands of tiny explosions happen regularly creating a tremendous amount of heat and pressure. Last of all, it helps to prevent the buildup of carbon deposits and other substances in the engine. 

We also provide regular auto maintenance needs, typically with no appointment necessary! Our company has built a reputation for providing exceptional maintenance and repair services across North Georgia. Whether your vehicle needs a tune up, brake replacement, windshield repair, battery replacement or other auto shop services, stop by today! 

Let the highly trained professionals at Bolt Car Wash help you today! We are one of the top providers of oil change in Oakwood, Flowery Branch. and North Georgia areas.